Memory #1

My daughters, who have always made me proud, while being somewhat neurotic, were wonderful babies. I think the happiest times I spent with them was when they were infants and toddlers. They are all wonderfully gifted, and each possesses a love for music and the creative arts.

I suspect that I had a large part in instilling this in them. Every night, at bedtime, I would sing to each one of them, a song that they particularly favoured.

My eldest daughter loved ‘Sarah The Whale’, particularly the Sharon, Lois, & Bram version (I could not find a link to that version)…so this is what she got…

My middle daughter, well, she was more into pop, and preferred the Beatles. ‘Til There Was You’ was one of her favorites.

My youngest daughter was crazy about this song:

Such fond memories. I am still listening to these songs, and always enjoy singing ‘Sarah, The Whale” to them now, despite their refusal to listen.


When I was young and little, when the maple tree in the backyard seemed impossible to climb, I started going fishing with my father, and older brothers. I wasn’t aware of it then, but this singular moment would forever be summer for me. The smell of summer at 4am on a hot July morning, is wonderfully unforgettable. The grass. The air. The flowers and trees. My brother throwing up in the car: He did not travel well. The warm salami sandwiches on rye my mother packed the night before. The lake. The worms. My brother throwing up trying to bait a hook. The can of cream soda exploding in the sun. The fish we caught, now in the car, as we headed home. Yep. That was summer. I have tried to recapture these memories, but my wife and kids never really had any interest in getting up at 4am, and I could never get any of them to throw up.