Love Bites


My wife and I have not celebrated Valentine’s Day in over 25 years. No reason really, except we felt that we should treat each other with love and respect everyday. I could live with the decision to ignore it, as I was rarely on the receiving end of the gift giving process.

My daughters and sons with significant others, took to social media to regale the masses with photos of the wonderful gifts they had received and given on this special day. There were pieces of jewellery, designer bags, and the ever popular flowers. My wife was viewing these images with some delight. “Isn’t that sweet?”, she asked me.

“Very nice.”, I replied, “but it seems a bit much.”

“It is Valentine’s Day.”, she reminded me.

“And?”, I asked for further clarification.

box-of-chocolate-cartoon-clipart-1“Nothing”, she replied. “But I wouldn’t mind a big box of chocolates.”

“We don’t do Valentine’s Day”, I reminded her.

“OK.”, she said. “But I would still like a big box of chocolates. A very big box.”

I suggested that she go to the store and pick up a very big box of chocolates. She sneered at me, with a look that was part derision, and part spite. “But it’s Valentine’s Day.” she stated.

“Do you want me to go get you a box of chocolates?” I asked.

“No it’s okay”, she said.

Now, I know my wife. If I don’t go, she will never let me forget it. There will be tales of this episode as another in a series of how I take her for granted. So, off I went in search of a very big box of chocolates on the afternoon of Valentine’s Day. I located several options quickly, however, the price would have sent my off on a tirade. “Are you crazy?”, she would ask. “Who spends that kind of money on a box of chocolates?”

“But it’s a very big box of chocolates.”, I would reply. But it would be to no avail.

“Take them back.”, she would insist.

So, the search continued. On my next try, I located an industrial size box of chocolates. Very over priced, but nonetheless, I was getting  this. I was tired. On the way home, I stopped at Tim Hortons and picked up her favorite donut, a Boston Cream, and a large coffee, one for her and one for me. I presented her with the offerings, and she eagerly ripped open the box of chocolates.

money-refund-clipart-cliparthut-free-clipart-cykuts-clipart“I hope they weren’t expensive.”, she said.

“A small fortune.”, I replied. “I had to refinance the house to pay for it. But it is a very, very big box of chocolates.”

She spent the evening trying to find the ones she liked the best by tasting them all and putting back the undesirables. She drank her coffee, and ate her donut.

“You really should decide in advance what holidays we will be celebrating.”, I said. “That way you could get me something.”

“Would you like a chocolate?”, she asked.







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