There’s Something I Have To Tell You


stock-vector-stock-illustration-of-a-man-sitting-in-the-restaurant-with-a-cup-of-cappuccino-60898252I was introduced to my wife by a friend. She was heading into some club with one of her friends. If you believe in love at first sight, I guess that’s what it was. I asked her to meet me at a nearby restaurant, and she said she would. I waited nearly 3 hours. She never showed up.

The next day, my friend told me that she had asked him to give me her phone number. I played hard to get, and waited almost 3 hours to call her, just to teach her a lesson. She told me she liked music, French fries,and pink carnations. I wrote songs for her, and began sending her flowers. Every week, for 3 months, I sent a dozen pink carnations to her house. Every week, she thanked me, and told me how wonderful I was. She liked me, and the florist liked me.

We moved in together shortly before her birthday. “There’s something I have to tell you.”, she said.

pc“What is it?”, I asked, standing on a chair, hanging pictures.

“I really don’t like flowers. Actually, I am allergic to them.”

I looked at her in disbelief. “Really? Why did you tell me you liked pink carnations?”

“They’re pretty, and I do like them, but I can’t be around them.”

“Well”, I said, “I wish you would have said something earlier.” There was a knock at the door, and the 100 pink carnations I had ordered to celebrate our moving in together arrived.

“I’m so sorry.”, she told me. “I should have told you sooner.”

I told the delivery guy to keep the flowers, to take them home to his wife or girlfriend.

“So”, I asked, “What did you do with all of the flowers I have been sending you all of this time?”

“I had to throw them out.”, she said. “I’m sorry.”

“Well, that’s a little upsetting. Any thing else I should know about?”, I asked.

“I really wanted to come and meet you that night.” She started to cry.” Susan just wouldn’t leave. I wanted so much to come. I really did. I’m so sorry I made you wait for nothing.”

“It wasn’t for nothing”, I reminded her. “I would sit there and wait for you all over again.” She smiled.

“Is there anything you think you should tell me?”, she asked.

I put my arm around her and, leading her into the bedroom, said “Nothing you don’t already know.”

















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