Blue Fish, Red Fish, One Fish, Dead Fish…

Things just keep getting stranger and stranger. My wife bought my daughter a pet Beta fish, as my daughter had been asking for a hedgehog. 1 week into pet ownership, and my daughter found the responsibility too daunting, so she handed the fish bowl back to my wife, with the encouraging words “here, you fish1take care of it”. My wife took to Beta rearing like a fish out of water (hahaha). She named the fish Billy. She spoke to it every day, and would regale us with tales of how excited Billy got whenever she peered into his bowl. She told us, about how his little fins would move back and forth so quickly, when he saw her face. She fed the little guy, and cleaned his bowl religiously.

One day, she noticed that Billy seemed sick. He wasn’t swimming around so much. He seemed lethargic, and wasn’t eating. A call to the pet store resulted in little information, except confirmation that Billy was indeed, not well. My wife took on the challenge of saving Billy. She cleaned his tank, changed his fish3water, and put special drops in the bowl to keep it bacteria free. she wrapped a towel around the base of the bowl, so the water wouldn’t get too cold. Over the next few weeks, Billy seemed to have days of appearing better, but then, as fate would have it, he relapsed, again and again. “I think he’s dying”, she said.  Indeed, it seemed that way.

“I don’t want him to suffer”, as tears welled up in her eyes. But he was suffering. I didn’t have the heart to tell her. So we waited through more water changing, more bowl cleaning, and more anti bacterial drops. One day, she found Billy on his side. Not moving. “I think he’s dead.”, she said. But when she gently tapped the side of the bowl, Billy moved his fins. The following morning, it was a Sunday, my beautiful, kind hearted wife peered into the bowl, and sighed. She took the bowl and left fish4the room. I followed her into the bathroom, and saw this gentle woman, bludgeon the fish into obliteration with her bare hands. She looked at me. She cried. I hugged her. She flushed the corpse, or rather the remaining pieces. “What do you want for dinner?”, she asked, and walked out of the room. We never spoke of the murder. Not once. I am not sure how to even begin the conversation, but every night she asks me why I am just laying in bed with my eyes open.






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