dog2The most amazing thing about dogs is the emotional attachment I develop with them. I have always had dogs. As a kid we had 4 or 5. There were at least 2 mixed breeds, a dalmatian, and a black lab. There were 2 females, and the rest were males. Interestingly enough, all of the dogs were named Lucky. My father named them all. He said that they were lucky he let them live in his house. He said he got the dogs for my mother, but they were as much his dogs as anyone else. He trained them. When the dogs got old, or sick, it was my father who took them to a friend, who had a farm, where the dogs could run around and be happy. I believed him!! It wasn’t until I had a family of dog1my own, and had my own dogs that I understood. There was Spike, Rocky, and Gidget. When my wife and daughters exhibited allergy symptoms from the dogs, it fell on me to fix the problem. So, they went to a farm, where they could run around and be happy. Currently, we have 2 dogs, one of whom is quite old, and becoming quite ill. I hope my kids will believe the farm story, just one more time!




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