I am tired of worrying about things. Global warming, infectious diseases, war, and the food I eat.

chicken2I don’t want to know that chicken isn’t really chicken, and beef is not really beef. I don’t care if chickens run free, or eat organic grain. I don’t eat organic grain. I don’t care where my chicken comes from, so long as it is Popeyes! I don’t want to know what they put into my beef. I only want to know it has been cooked medium-rare. I am less concerned with my food being given steroids and hormones, than I am with it being cooked the way I ordered it. I am less concerned about popeyesalmonella and Ecoli, than I am with paying 3 times the price for food that has less in it, and is touted as being better for me. Fruits and vegetables are not free from portrayal as potentially dangerous. I still don’t care.  I read that there is olive oil on the market that is not really olive oil. Well, perhaps we should ask Popeye to identify the real Olive Oyl

cowWell I don’t want to worry anymore. I am an old man. I just want chicken, and the occasional steak. I want olive oil, even if I only think it is olive oil. There is far too much for me to worry about anyway. Eating should not be added to the list.

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