I have no interest in getting older. I never did. In fact, my plan was to flat out refuse. And then, one morning, I awoke to discover that I had indeed aged. I thought it would be okay, I mean, I could always imagesage gracefully. But as time went on, I discovered that there is not much that is graceful in aging.

From the outside, I am doing pretty good. Its the inside that is causing problems. I don’t look old. My body has just succumbed to what I have made it do for all of these years, and it has imploded. There are parts that just don’t work, parts that work with some reluctance, and parts that no longer exist. My hip isn’t really my hip. A prefabricated plastic replica is in its place.

Most recently, I have been diagnosed with COPD, and arthritis. An xray revealed that there are 4 compressed discs in my neck, an encroached nerve, and stress fractures in 7 vertebrae. Works nicely with heart disease, gout, and the ever popular prostate problems. I get up 3 or 4 times a night, limp and hobble to the bathroom to relieve myself, only to hobble and limp back to bed, and realize that I have left old-couplethe bathroom light on!  My wife complains about how bright the light is, how much electricity we are wasting, and how I can’t seem to remember things anymore. So, it seems the mind may be failing as well. I have told her not to worry so much about it. Another year or so and she won’t remember a damn thing either.

I nap during the day, can’t eat most foods, have minimal control of my bladder, need assistance getting up, losing teeth, and hair, and I swear that I am shrinking. Really! A couple of inches shorter that what I used to be. Pretty sure that has to do with the compressed discs, but hell, my body is aging quickly. The doctor however, has reassured me that I am in incredible shape for a 76 year old. I suppose I should take some comfort in that, but I am only 59!

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