I am not quite sure what the people at Ikea were thinking when they came up with “assemble it yourself” furniture. I am not certain that it is even humanly possible for those of us who are assembly impaired. I have purchased many pieces of the so called easy to assemble products, and every time, I meet with the same fate. After several attempts I have numerous pieces of hardware left over. There are nuts and bolts, and screws and washers which I just can’t seem to find any use for. There is a plastic bag in my garage filled with these items. And every time I complete an Ikeactivity, my wife informs me that I must have done something wrong. So, I review the instructions,  filled with diagrams that bear no resemblance to the parts laid out before me, and with no written explanation of how this particular piece of furniture is to be assembled. Despite my wife’s sentiment, most of the pieces I have assembled are still intact, and still in use. Granted there are a few doors on upside down, some shelves that face the wrong way, and the occasional track that is inverted. In retrospect, I probably should have saved at least 1 of those damned Allen keys.


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